The Rare Type Of Bonuses In New Online Casinos

There are many reasons to play casino games but the regular one are bonuses. Each of us want to play without need to deposit money in advance. Anyway if you want to profit in that way, be sure that you are familiar with all the casino rules and requirements.

On the other hand most casinos try to attract customers with various bonuses but there are also some of them who make up innovative types. Here you can see some of the rarest types of bonuses in online casino sites.

Timed bonuses – for this bonus you don’t have to give deposit and you have opportunity to test new gaming platform with casino’s money. In that way you can earn it. The rules are so, that you are given certain amount of money and time. When time limit up you can keep everything you won. Take a look at the Desert nights casino that offers new customers $500 and 30 minutes to test their skills and win money without deposit. When 30 minutes run up, everything that you got over $500 is yours.

Risk-free bonus is one of the rarest nowadays. It means that you don’t have to risk in order to earn something. Is it too good to be true? Risk-free casino requires you to give $50 deposit and to play as much as you want. The best part of it it’s risk free situation which means that you don’t have any risk at all. With this casino you have to play for the whole money deposit on your account. When you come to $0 on your account with one simple mail you will be given back your $50. Now it’s up to you how to use that –to withdraw or to spend them. Bear on mind that money come back is possible only once.

Cashback bonuses are also very rare in casino industry. With these types of bonuses you can play an lose in a certain period and casino will return everything you lost. The best casino games for this type of bonus are Winner, Elios Poker, Portomaso live and many others.